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Understanding the Benefits of SMD 3215 32.768 kHz Crystals

What do SMD3215 32.768KHZ crystals mean?

  • A flexible, affordable option for timing applications is the SMD3215 32.768KHZ Crystal from ECS. Microcontrollers, digital clocks, oscillators, and other devices are among the many applications for which the crystal is intended to offer a very precise frequency reference.
  • These crystals are among the market’s most adaptable ones. From watches to medical devices, they are utilized in various applications. Moreover, they are found in many other gadgets, including GPS modules and mobile phones.
  • Oscillators and clock circuits frequently employ the low-cost, high-precision SMD3215 32.768KHZ quartz crystal. Timing, frequency control, and phase-locked loop applications are among their best uses.

The features of SMD3215 32.768KHZ crystals:

  • The 20 ppm Standard Good Reliability Performance.
  • Tuning Fork Crystal in Standard Package.
  • The 32.768 KHz Standard.
  • Maximum Reflow Soldering Temperature: 260°C.

Why is SMD3215 a reasonable choice?

  • When an electrical current makes it possible, an LED semiconductor device will emit light. It is a tiny, surface-mount LED with several illuminating applications. In addition to power supply, voltage regulators, audio amplifiers, and RFID systems, it is used in a broad range of gadgets.
  • Due to its compact size, low power consumption, and exceptional performance, it is perfect for a variety of industrial and automotive applications. It is appropriate for portable devices because of its great performance and broad operating temperature range.
  • It is a fantastic substitute for a dependable and inexpensive SMD. Surface mount crystals from International offer a high level of dependability and robustness. SMD Crystals are appropriate for various applications, including wearable technology, the Internet of Things, and microprocessors.
  • Products created from crystals can be delivered at both irregular and special frequencies. It can also be referred to as a resistor or a variable resistor. These advantages can lower your energy expenditures and boost the efficiency of your lighting system.

SMD3215 32.768KHZ crystals

The SMD3215 32.768KHZ Crystal is a Versatile Device:

Digital watches, clocks, and real-time clocks often employ the SMD3215 crystal, which operates at 32.768 kHz. With dimensions of 3.2 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.8 mm, this surface mount device (SMD) crystal is tiny and suited for small electrical devices.

Due to the SMD3215 crystal’s high level of frequency stability, it can operate at a constant frequency for an extended period, regardless of changes in humidity, temperature, or other environmental conditions. Because of this, it is perfect for applications that need accurate time, including electronic watches and clocks.

Low power consumption, crucial for battery-powered devices, is another benefit of the SMD3215 crystal. It can function effectively even at low power levels because of its low CL (load capacitance) and ESR (equivalent series resistance).

Use of SMD3215 32.768KHZ Crystal Has Several Advantages:

For electrical circuits that need accurate timing, the SMD3215 32.768KHZ crystals offer several rewards. Some of the main assistances are as follows:

  • High-frequency stability:

 The SMD3215 crystal has an exceptionally high-frequency stability level, enabling it to sustain a constant frequency over time despite environmental changes like temperature. It is, therefore, perfect for usage in situations where precise and dependable timing is needed.

  • Small size:

Surface mount device (SMD) SMD3215 crystal has a modest dimension, only measuring 3.2mm by 1.5mm by 0.8mm. Because of this, it may be used in small electrical devices with minimal space.

  • Low power consumption: 

Low equivalence series resistance (ESR) and load capacitance (CL) values allow the SMD3215 crystal to function well even at low power levels. It is a significant concern for battery-powered gadgets, where power consumption is crucial.

  • Wide working temperature range:

The SMD3215 crystal can operate in various situations and applications thanks to its 260°C operating temperature range.

  • Cost-effective: 

The SMD3215 crystal is economical for supplying precise time to electrical circuits. Manufacturers looking to cut costs without sacrificing performance quality will find it an appealing alternative because of its tiny size and low power consumption.

How are SMD3215 32.768KHZ crystals used?

In microcontroller circuits, the SMD3215 32.768KHZ crystal is a compact surface mount component that frequently provides precise timing for clocks and other timing-sensitive applications. The SMD3215 crystal has two pins, marked “X1” and “X2,” which you should be able to identify. These pins connect the crystal to the microcontroller or other timing circuits. How to apply it in your circuit is as follows:

  • Choose the right load capacitors:

You must put two load capacitors between the crystal pins and the ground to ensure the crystal oscillates at the right frequency. The crystal frequency and the particular capacitor value are related. The specifications of your circuit. Using 12.5 pF capacitors with a 32.768 KHz crystal is a decent place to start.

  • Connect the crystal to the microcontroller:

The capacitors must each have one end connected to a crystal pin and the other to the ground to connect the crystal to the microcontroller. After that, attach the X1 pin to the microcontroller’s input pin and the X2 pin to the output pin.

  • Software crystal enablement: 

With most microcontrollers, the crystal oscillator must be enabled by setting the proper registers or configuration bits. To find out the precise procedures needed, consult the microcontroller’s manual.

  • Test the circuit:

Once the crystal is turned on, you may test the circuit by using an oscilloscope or frequency counter to measure the frequency. You should change the microcontroller’s setup or the load capacitors’ value if the frequency is not exact.


Utilizing an FR107-B / SMD3215 32.768 KHz crystals is a simple procedure that may deliver precise timing for a variety of applications. Just be sure you select the appropriate load capacitors and adhere to any further instructions from your microcontroller or timing circuit. With consistent efforts, our quality and service have gained the respect and trust of the clients. ChipSun Technologies offers R&D solutions, turnkey solutions, e-commerce, and other value-added services to fulfil the demands of various clients, including actual equipment manufacturers, developers of initial designs, and companies that offer electronic manufacturing services.


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