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timing devices

The Role of Crystal Oscillators in Timing Devices

What is meant by a timing device? A crystal oscillator is a digital timing device that creates an extremely precise frequency-based electrical signal by leveraging the mechanical resonance of a piezoelectric element vibrating crystal. This signal can…

SMD crystal oscillator

A Comprehensive Guide to SMD Crystal Oscillator

What is meant by an SMD crystal oscillator? An electronic oscillator circuit known as a Surface Mount Device (SMD) crystal oscillator produces a steady frequency signal using a quartz crystal resonator. Putting the oscillator circuit onto a printed c…

Real-time clock

Why Real-time clock is crucial?

What is exactly a Real-time clock for? An electrical component or device known as a real-time clock (RTC) preserves time even when the computer or device it is linked to is turned off or restarted. An RTC requires a separate battery or power source t…

Quartz crystal unit

Enhancing the structure of the quartz crystal unit for high-temperature and high-frequency applications

What is a Quartz crystal unit? An electronic component called a quartz crystal unit, commonly called a quartz crystal oscillator, is used to produce extremely precise and steady electrical signals at a certain frequency. Because it is a particular ki…

The Importance of Frequency Stability for Maintaining Smooth Processes

The Definition of Piezoelectric Crystal A piezoelectric crystalis a substance that, in response to mechanical stress, may produce an electrical voltage or, in the opposite case, can deform in the presence of an electrical field. Due to the crystal's …

xtal MHz

The Importance of Frequency Stability for Maintaining Smooth Processes

The description of frequency stability When a signal or oscillator's frequency is stable throughout time, it does not change significantly. In other words, it defines the ability of a signal or oscillator to sustain a particular frequency despite var…

electronic components

The Basics of Electronic Components and Their Uses, classifications

What is meant by electronic components? The fundamental component of an electronic circuit is known as an electronic components,electronic device, or circuit element. Typically, it comes as a standalone box containing two or more metal contacts or le…

crystal blank

Unlocking the power of crystal blank

What is meant by Crystal blank? When exposed to a voltage potential, the oscillator's resonating element, the crystal blank, vibrates and oscillates at its "fundamental frequency." As you may expect, the manufacturing process of creating the crystal …

2023 Moscow April Expo Electronica Exhibition

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Real-time clock

The Understanding of VCXO Oscillator performance and their Applications

What is meant by a VCXO oscillator? A crystal oscillator called a VCXO changes its output frequency in response to the applied control voltage. If stability and ageing are considered in the computation, the change of a VCXO's output frequency is know…

VCTCXO Oscillator Basics, Application, merits and Performance

What is meant by a VCTCXO oscillator? Different power supply voltages, output frequencies, temperature stability, and other properties are supported by VCTCXO. VCTCXO account for elements, including the load environment, voltage, and ambient temperat…

SMD2016 crystals

SMD2016 crystals – a small but powerful package

What does SMD2016 crystal mean?  An illustration of an SMT component is the SMD 2016. Using surface-mount technology (SMT), electronic circuits are constructed by glueing or connecting components directly to a printed circuit board's surface (PCB). T…

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