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2023 Moscow April Expo Electronica Exhibition

Chip Sun invite you visit our Moscow April Expo Electronica Exhibition Date is 11th,April to 13th,April and our Booth no is A4097 Sincerely hope to talk with you during the show !

Chinese New Year will be coming ,Chip Sun hope to share all our happiness and good luck to all customers!

Why The World Needs An Xtal Oscillator

  The world needs an Xtal Oscillator for many reasons. For one, it can help stabilize electrical grids and prevent blackouts. It can also help improve the accuracy of GPS systems and other navigation systems. But perhaps most importantly, an Xta…

Xtal 3225

Xtal 3225: A Comprehensive Overview

What does an xtal mean? An xtal must be positioned in a transistor- or logic-gate-based active circuit. Such a circuit is known as an oscillator. You can buy an oscillator or build your own with discrete parts like gates, capacitors, resistors, etc. …

FC-135 32.768KHZ: A New Frequency for Communication

What is FC-135 32.768KHZ? The FC-135 is a 32.768 kHz crystal unit that has been frequently used. Ideal for applications involving MCU sub-clocks and modules in both consumer and industrial equipment. Up to +105 C for applications requiring a more com…

Why is a 32.768 kHz Crystal Oscillator So Important?

32.768 kHz crystal oscillator? A piezoelectric crystal that vibrates mechanically to produce an electrical signal with a precise frequency is known as a Crystal Oscillator, an electronic oscillator circuit. It also includes an automated amplitude con…

Exhibition Invitation

Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd will be attend Electronica 2022 Exhibition ,The booth no is A5 160/8 from 15th,Nov to 18th,Nov , Welcome your coming !

oscillator smd

What are the merits of using an 80 MHz oscillator and their work?

What is an 80 MHz oscillator? An electrical device known as an 80 MHz oscillator produces signals at a frequency of 80 million Hertz (80 MHz). Radios, TVs, computers, and other electrical gadgets use it. An oscillator is an electrical device that cre…

quartz crystal electronics

Why is crystal xtal a superior choice?

What is meant by crystal xtal? A particularly pure and stable kind of quartz crystal is "crystal xtal."These crystals are produced in a highly controlled laboratory environment and employed in numerous applications where great stability is required. …

LVDS clock oscillator

The most accurate timekeeper is Epson quartz crystal

What is meant by quartz crystal? It is a specific kind of piezoelectric crystal that is used in watches and other timepieces. Quartz, a naturally occurring manmade piezoelectric substance, is used in its construction. Every timepiece's heart is its m…

kds daishinku

What is meant by a kds daishinku? A well-known producer and retailer of high-quality quartz crystal devices and oscillators is kds daishinku. Mobile phones to communication satellites all employ quartz crystal devices and oscillators in some capacity…

SPXO oscillator

The purposes and characteristics of kHz oscillator

What is meant by a kHz oscillator? A kilohertz is a unit of measurement for wireless transmissions, audio signals, and alternating currents. A circuit's oscillator circuit, measured in kHz, MHz, or GHz, sends a small quantity of power to a crystal ev…

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