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The designing and characterizing of xtal oscillator

What is meant by an xtal oscillator?

The most crucial component of your radio is the xtal oscillator. It establishes the operating frequency of your radio and the reliable reference signal that all other circuits in your radio rely on. Without a good oscillator, your radio will not work properly. The oscillators are preferred over ceramic resonators because they are more stable, better quality, affordable, and smaller.

What is meant by an xtal?

  • An active circuit composed of transistors or logic gates must have an xtal placed. The oscillator is the name given to such a circuit. You may purchase an oscillator or make your own using discrete components such as gates, capacitors, resistors, etc. The inverter and the crystal (1MHz) make up most of it.
  • They compensate for losses and magnify the signal, the circuit also needs an active component (the inverter), which pumps energy into the system. It is a thin slice of quartz crystal with the ability to vibrate mechanically when exposed to alternating voltage. The thickness of the quartz crystal determines the frequency at which it vibrates the most.

What are the functions of the xtal oscillator?

  • A solid known as a crystal is created when the atoms, molecules, and ions are arranged in three spatial dimensions with repeating patterns. The crystal always possesses a certain quality. The illustration depicts the crystal oscillating between two states above and below. Some crystals have urn oscillators.
  • Receivers for radio and television is only two examples of the various uses for oscillators. Frequency signals can be produced by the crystal oscillator or transformed into digital signals. One of the fundamental parts of the crystal radio receiver is an oscillator. The power supply drives the crystal oscillator to provide a frequency-based output signal. In the crystal radio receiver, there are crystals.

Adjusting the input impedance, gain, and frequency:

Use the setup menu to put the oscilloscope together to alter the connection between the oscillator and the display. Use the setup menu to modify the gain or input impedance value. Changing the frequency and input impedance is unnecessary if the xtal oscillator has been configured properly.

  • Oscillator frequency: 

The oscillator’s frequency is set at 5 MHz utilize the setup menu to modify the frequency.

  • Gain: 

The output signal of the crystal radio receiver has a gain of 1 (gain = 100) when this setting is set to “1”. The output signal of the crystal oscillator will not exceed 100 if the gain is set to “0.”

  • Input Impedance:

The crystal radio receiver’s output signal’s input impedance is 1 k. (100 ohms). The output signal will not exceed 100 ohms if the input impedance is set to “0”. Gain and Input Impedance can’t be adjusted simultaneously as frequency.

The CX7500’s gain and input impedance are listed in the table below. Gain is determined by the “Maximum Input Impedance” setting under the Basic Setup menu. It is advised to use an input impedance of no more than 50.

The Principles of oscillators

The oscillator circuit operates on the theory of a steady-state output signal. Using a positive feedback loop is one approach to do this. Here, a portion of the output voltage reinforces the output signal by being sent back to the input with no net phase change. The output signal then grows when the signal is amplified and played again. The feedback loop’s strength must be kept at unity gain to prevent clipping and distortion of the movement.

xtal oscillator

Why did you choose the xtal oscillator?

Expanding the automatic resonance of a vibrant piezoelectric crystal, an oscillator is a linear or numerical oscillator circuit that produces an electrical indicator with a precise frequency. Numerous electronic gadgets, such as computers, televisions, radios, clocks, and watches, utilize them extensively. Any electrical device’s clock serves as its brain. The system won’t work if the clock is unstable. The system’s specifications dictate what kind of clock is used in it. Most systems either employ a crystal oscillator or an external clock.

The design of xtal oscillators:

The construction of xtal oscillators is employed in various devices, including computer timing circuits, radio transmitters, and receivers. A sine wave or waveform is the usual output of an oscillator, an electrical path that generates a periodic, vibrating electronic signal. A power source’s direct current signal is changed into an alternating signal using oscillators.

  • The oscillator circuit:

Oscillators are used in many applications, including communication, control systems, and timing circuits. It is used as a clock signal generator or frequency standard. The oscillator circuit consists of two capacitors and an inductor. A capacitor stores electrical energy and releases it periodically when connected to an inductor. An inductor resists changes in current flow. The oscillation frequency depends on the values of the components. 6. Oscillators are often used to generate radio waves.

  • The amplifier:

The amplifier is an electronic device used to amplify sound waves. It consists of two parts: a speaker and an amplifier. The power of sound waves by increasing their amplitude or volume. Amplifiers improve the strength of radio signals so they can be heard over long distances. An xtal oscillator is an electronic device used to generate radio frequency signals. It consists of two coils of wire wound around a ferrite rod.


A piezoelectric crystal is used in an xtal oscillator, an electronic oscillator circuit, to regulate or produce an electrical signal with a very exact frequency. They are found in several electrical products, such as clocks, radios, and computers. You know you’re getting high-quality products at affordable prices when you buy from us. We are confident in the development of the market and provide the best service to customers. In addition to high-quality products, we also focus on customer satisfaction. The competent staff of ChipSun designed its products. Welcome to visit us, and contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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