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Explanation of what kind of KHz crystal?

What is meant by a KHz?

KHz is an abbreviation for “kilohertz,” a frequency measuring unit. A kilohertz is equal to 1000 hertz. One cycle per second is represented by the unit of measurement for frequency known as the hertz. A kHz crystal, for instance, may have a frequency of 1,000 Hz or 1,000 vibrations per second.

A crystal oscillator is an essential component of many electronic circuits. Crystal oscillators are used in many applications such as radio receivers, computers, clocks, and other devices. A crystal oscillator is an electronic device that produces a regular, precise frequency signal.

Characteristics of crystal:

Find out more about what kind of KHz crystal? The following includes the principal characteristics of the kHz crystal. Any crystal’s frequency stability, or its capacity to deliver a steady frequency output under various load situations, is one of its most crucial characteristics. When selecting a crystal for your radio, keep the following in mind:

  • The frequency of operation
  • The crystal’s kind
  • The maximum load
  • The permissible frequency
  • The indicators of ageing

The frequency of operation most crucial factor to take into account when selecting a crystal is the operating frequency. For the radio to work effectively, the crystal needs to be able to vibrate at the required frequency steadily enough. Crystal Crystals can be divided into two categories: overtone- and fundamental-structured crystals.

A chunk of quartz that has been specially cut and utilized to create a resonator is known as a radio crystal. When a radio is set to a specific frequency, the quartz crystal in the radio’s resonator vibrates at that frequency. A resonator is an electrical circuit that enables radio to receive or broadcast a signal at a specific frequency. The crystal vibrates at an exact frequency, acting like a tuning fork.

Features of what kind of kHz crystal?

Individuals are interested in what kind of KHz crystal? With best features are given below:

  • Ultra-compact SMD tuning fork crystal resonator,
  • Standard at 32.768 kHz,
  • 20 ppm standard.
  • Outstanding Reliability and Performance.
  • 260°C maximum reflow soldering temperature

The different types of KHz crystal:

  1. AT-cut crystal

It is the most prevalent kind of crystal. Numerous electronic equipment, such as radios, computers, and other devices, employ this kind of crystal. AT-cut crystals are the most stable of all crystal types and have the lowest temperature coefficient.

  1. FT-cut crystal

FT-cut crystals are different varieties of kHz crystals. BT-cut crystals have a more significant temperature coefficient and are less stable than AT-cut crystals.

  1. SC-cut crystal:

SC-Cut crystals can be used as an alternative to piezoelectric ceramic resonators. They offer excellent performance characteristics such as a high Q factor and high stability over time. SC-Cut crystals have a very low-temperature coefficient of frequency (TCF) and are therefore suitable for applications where accuracy is critical. It is a high-quality quartz crystal used in oscillators. The SC Crystals SC-cut crystals have been manufactured. It is used in many applications, including oscillators, filters, and mixers.

  1. HC-cut crystal:

HC-cut crystals have been used in high-frequency oscillators HC-cut crystals are used in many types of electronic devices, including radios, televisions, computers, cell phones, and more. They are used in oscillators and have high stability and low noise. HC-cut crystals are used in oscillators like electronic watches, radios, clocks etc. They are known for long life, low noise, high stability and accuracy.

  1. BT-cut crystal:

It has a particular frequency pattern that makes it vibrate at the resonant frequency of water molecules. BT-cut crystals have a more significant temperature coefficient and are less stable than AT-cut crystals.

The Different Types of crystal:

  1. Natural crystal:

Piezoelectric crystals produce sound when they vibrate. Electrostatic crystals generate electricity when they move.

  1. Synthetic crystal:
  • A synthetic Crystal is an electronic component used to filter out unwanted frequencies from power supplies. Synthetic crystals are made from minerals and metals that have been heated and formed through chemical processes. There are several types of crystals, including quartz, agate, jasper, and amethyst. The oscillation frequency of a crystal depends on its temperature; Quartz crystals are used in quartz watches because they are extreme and can survive a lot of wear and tear.
  • This sort of crystal is known as a synthetic quartz crystal. The quartz crystals are shaped and polished after being cut from a more significant quartz chunk to fit the watch casing. Mineral, sapphire, and artificial quartz crystals are the three basic categories of watch crystals. Natural quartz is used to make mineral crystals, synthetic quartz is used to make sapphire crystals, and natural quartz is used to make quartz crystals.
  1. Quartz crystal:

Quartz crystals are used in many electronic devices such as watches, clocks, radios, computers, cell phones, etc. They are also used in medical equipment such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and other types of heart monitors. A quartz crystal oscillator is an electronic device used to create a time base or clock signal. It consists of a piezoelectric element sandwiched between two electrodes. Quartz Crystal Oscillators are the most basic form of frequency reference. They are often used as the basis for other types of oscillators.


That generates an electrical signal with an exact frequency using the mechanical resonance of a piezoelectric crystal in motion. This frequency keeps track of time, gives digital integrated circuits a reliable clock signal, and maintains radio transmitter and reception frequencies. What kind of KHz crystal will you learn about in this article? It has held up great through the years ChipSun has an expert team of professionals who manufacture these products using high-grade raw materials; they are highly durable and long-lasting. To ensure the quality of the product, we have strict quality control standards. You will be pleased and satisfied after purchasing this product.

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