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What is the ocxo oscillator for?

What is an ocxo?

  • The ocxo is a quartz timing device used in precise timing applications. The abbreviation ocxo stands for Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator. An oscillator is an electrical device that counts the number of vibrations of a tiny quartz crystal to measure time. Ocxo is a crystal oscillator that produces a highly steady and precise signal in the form of a sinusoidal waveform. It’s often utilized in applications that demand a remarkably consistent signal, such as GPS receivers and scientific instruments.
  • The most effective oscillators in the quartz-based class are ocxo, which bridge the stability gap between TCXOs and atomic clocks. These devices are ideally suited as a clocking backup because of their performance characteristics, including high Q, long-term accuracy, and stability. It was one of the most important inventions in the 20th century. It is considered to be one of the greatest inventions ever made.

How does an ocxo work?

  • An ocxo, as the name indicates, uses an inside oven with a precisely regulated temperature. Within this internal oven are a hermetically sealed quartz resonator and its peripheral oscillator electronics. The crystal and oscillator circuitry’s precise thermal management considerably reduces the impact of variations in the surrounding ambient temperature. An oven-like apparatus contains a quartz crystal that has been precisely tuned High-precision heating and temperature control are used to align this oven’s temperature with the upper turning point frequency.
  • The quartz crystal must be shielded from changes in external temperature, which is the entire purpose of the oven (and keeping the temperature at the turn-over temperature). The quartz crystal may wander away from its target center frequency as a result of these variations in the ambient temperature. A well-designed oven will maintain the crystal temperature with a change of less than one °C across an external ambient temperature range of -40 to +85°C.

How do you ocxo improve timekeeping?

It is a kind of oscillator used in timekeeping applications. It is a highly stable oscillator used to keep the correct time. The ocxo are always favoured for precision positioning or precise ranging tasks when position or distance is determined in less than a microsecond. OCXO directly impacts the accuracy and performance of positioning or distance measurements. It gives the designer better outcomes.

What are the benefits of using an OCXO?

The advantages that have the most impact on a customer’s choice are as follows:

  • They are used in many applications that require steady frequencies, including telecommunications, navigation, and test and measurement equipment. They are also employed in atomic clocks, the most precise timekeepers on the market. If your application requires a steady frequency, and what is the ocxo oscillatormay be the solution.
  • It’s a form of electrical oscillator that’s utilized to keep an incredibly accurate frequency. Ocxo is used to keep time more accurately. They are also known as Crystal Oscillators, Quartz Oscillators or Quartz Clocks.
  • It keeps time accurately within a computer or other electronic equipment. It works by counting the number of cycles per second (Hz).
  • These are used in harsh environments that necessitate ruggedized mechanical structure and/or excessive ambient temperatures.
  • Several industrial areas have special needs and applications that rely on exact and reliable timing devices to meet their performance targets. These sectors include offshore gas and oil exploration, commercial airborne broadband, military communications, mobile test equipment, high definition imagery, and satellite data links.
  • They technology provides a full line of high-performance oven-controlled crystal oscillators (ocxo) in a wide variety of frequencies and stabilities in industry standard packaging.
  • What is the ocxo oscillator for? This is the reason why it controls the frequency of a quartz crystal oscillator inside the oven. It is used to keep the oven temperature stable and accurate.

Power consumption:

The power of the oven is related to the ambient temperature. The oven takes more electricity to maintain its programmed temperature when the ambient temperature drops. Similarly, when the ambient temperature rises, so does the power of the oven. The size of the oven (more minor is preferable), the set temperature of the oven, and the quantity of thermal insulation therein all have an impact on the power consumption of an OCXO. A system design engineer can aid in minimizing power usage by putting the item away from the direct airflow of a cooling fan or even shielding it within the system. It is not recommended to totally cover an OCXO because the internal heating of the oven, along with the external ambient heat rise within an enclosed building, may cause the oven to lose control or shut down altogether. In this case, the crystal will wander freely with respect to the external temperature at the price of frequency stability. At +25°C, OCXOs generally drain 0.15 watts while providing remarkable temperature stability, ageing, and noise performance.


What is the ocxo oscillator for? These are a one-of-a-kind family of ocxo designs that are also appropriate for battery-powered applications. The ocxo provide a performance edge to our clients because of their wide temperature ranges, high frequencies, low power, and industry-leading phase noise and stability. We tested a controlled oscillator to determine what elements you should consider before purchasing. We will continue to work toward generating value and giving consumers more value through continual innovation processes, breakthroughs in design and knowledge, and ongoing learning in the service delivery sectors. We welcome your feedback on our website ChipSun since it helps us improve the quality of our offers. Our top priority is delivering a positive client experience. As a result, a more extended warranty may be offered to you, providing you with more certainty. You can count on us on a regular basis, not just once. Our top priority is making sure you are pleased.

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