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VCTCXO Oscillator Basics, Application, merits and Performance

What is meant by a VCTCXO oscillator?

  • Different power supply voltages, output frequencies, temperature stability, and other properties are supported by VCTCXO. VCTCXO account for elements, including the load environment, voltage, and ambient temperature. Our VCTCXO is the finest for applications involving GPS, smartphones, and wireless modules because of their exceptional phase-noise performance.
  • Voltage-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, oftenVCTCXO oscillator, are crucial to many electrical devices. They provide a precise and steady frequency and aid in maintaining the synchronization of a system’s parts.
  • A voltage-controlled temperature-compensated (VCTCXO) crystal is used in a VCTCXO oscillator, a type of quartz crystal oscillator, to produce a steady frequency output across a wide temperature range. It is utilized in a variety of fields, including high-frequency telecommunications and low-power electronics.

VCTCXO oscillator

The Applications of VCTCXO oscillator:

  • Equipment for optical networking, including 10G, 40G, and 100G SONET/SDH/ATM standards and SyncE Ethernet protocols.
  • Base stations, wireless infrastructures, and femtocell.
  • Instruments for monitoring health, including medical imaging.
  • GPS navigation and fleet management for transportation.
  • Radar and communication systems for the military.
  • Equipment for energy monitoring; intelligent electric, water, and gas metres.
  • Instruments for testing and measuring, and recording audio and video digitally.
  • Electrical devices that are portable.

The characteristics of the VCTCXO oscillator:

  • Particularly tight frequency stabilities over the whole operating temperature range are required for wireless applications.
  • The VCTCXO series provides support for the aforementioned applications through a range of supply voltages and multiple package sizes.
  • Given that there is no PLL utilized to create the output frequency, the low phase noise level is noteworthy. Additionally, a voltage attached to the VC pin of these VCTCXOs may be used to adjust the output frequency.
  • Good frequency stability in VCTCXO. Especially well-suited for Internet of Things applications and other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth.
  • Low phase noise due to lack of PLL. Analogue, ongoing temperature adjustment
  • The tunable frequency through voltage input and additionally appropriate for commercial and consumer uses.
  • Clipped sine output for incredibly low power use.
  • Available in 3225 and 5032 package sizes.
  • 100% lead-free, completely compatible with RoHS and REACH.

What are the merits of using a VCTCXO oscillator?

An oscillator known as a VCTCXO employs a crystal resonator to generate a consistent frequency output while accounting for temperature-related frequency fluctuations in the crystal. VCTCXO oscillators have a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Stable Frequency Output: 

Crystal resonators, which have a very high level of stability and precision and are used by VCTCXOs, produce a steady frequency output.

  • Temperature Compensation: 

The VCTCXO corrects for frequency variations brought on by temperature variations, ensuring that the output frequency is stable throughout a wide temperature range.

  • Wide Frequency Range: 

From a few kilohertz to many gigahertz, VCTCXOs may be made to operate across a wide frequency range.

  • Small Size: 

Because of their small size, VCTCXOs are ideal for usage in portable and small electronic devices.

  • Cost-effective:

The TCXOs and OCXOs, which are alternative high-performance oscillator types, are more expensive than VCTCXOs, making them a more affordable option for many applications.

  • High Reliability:

Advanced circuit design techniques and the use of a steady, sturdy crystal resonator make VCTCXOs extremely dependable.

  • Flexibility: 

Due to their ability to be tailored to match the precise frequency and performance specifications, VCTCXOs are appropriate for a variety of applications, including telecom, military, industrial, and aerospace.

The reasons for VCTCXO oscillators’ use in electrical devices:

  • Because it has a number of benefits over conventional oscillators, the voltage-controlled temperature-compensated quartz oscillator, or VCTCXO, is often employed in electrical equipment. It is popular for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Due to the employment of a crystal oscillator and temperature adjustment circuitry, VCTCXOs have an output frequency that is extremely stable across a broad temperature range.
  • By supplying a voltage to the control input, it is possible to alter the frequency accuracy of VCTCXOs, making it simpler to trim the frequency to the appropriate value.
  • The low phase noise of VCTCXOs is a key factor to take into account for applications where long-term stability is essential, such as in communication systems and test equipment.
  • VCTCXOs are more flexible than conventional oscillators in that they may be quickly set up to match the precise frequency specifications of a given application.
  • Because VCTCXOs are offered in a wide frequency range, from a few kilohertz to several gigahertz, they are appropriate for a range of applications.

How does the working of VCTCXO oscillator work?

As a result of their stability, precision, low phase noise, adaptability, and wide frequency range, VCTCXOs are often utilized in electronic equipment. A form of oscillator known as a Voltage controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (VCTCXO) combines the adaptability of a voltage-controlled oscillator with the stability of a crystal oscillator (VCO). The VCTCXO’s crystal oscillator, which consists of a quartz crystal resonator, is its central component. When an electrical current is sent through a crystal, a specific frequency is produced that is inversely proportional to the crystal’s physical characteristics.

The Advantages of the VCTCXO oscillator:

  • A broad change range.
  • A new, more affordable standard for SMD-VCTCXOs with high reliability and exceptional performance.
  • Broad 9.6 – 60.0 MHz frequency range


Voltage-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, often known as VCTCXO oscillator, are a crucial part of many electrical devices. They provide a precise and steady frequency and aid in maintaining the synchronization of a system’s parts. You may rely on us repeatedly as well as sometimes. We value your opinions about ChipSun to raise the quality of our services. Delivering a pleasant client experience is our main goal. ChipSun To address the demands of users, technology offers R&D systems, turnkey solutions, e-commerce, as well as other value-added services to a variety of clients, including original equipment manufacturers, creators of unique designs, and providers of electronic manufacturing packages.

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