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What is a TCXO? And how does it work?

What is a TCXO?

  • A temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, or TCXO, is used when extremely high stability in various temperature environments is required. It is commonly employed in communication devices because it adjusts frequency based on temperature variations. When the oscillator’s frequency variation must be slight across its full operational temperature range, the radio frequency (RF) circuit serves as an oscillator circuit. It is also referred to as a quartz oscillator or a crystal oscillator.
  • This kind of oscillator circuit is employed as an alternative to crystal oscillators. They have been around since the early 1940s but are still trendy due to their accuracy, reliability and stability. Performance at higher temperatures is superior to that of a typical crystal oscillator. These oscillator circuits are commonly seen in radio frequency transmitters. It contributes to frequency stability by controlling crystal oscillators.

Temperature compensation:

Generally speaking, temperature compensation is a technique used to modify a system’s performance to account for impacts brought on by temperature variations. The impact of temperature on component dimensions and the need to account for it grow increasingly significant as tolerances are tighter, making this a crucial issue in the manufacture of precision components. Temperature compensation is used to rectify output characteristics that are impacted by the operating temperature as well as the temperature characteristics of electronic devices and electronic components in electronic circuits.

How does a TCXO work?

The entire temperature-controlled oscillator is made up of 5 distinct components:

  • The network of compensation
  • oscillator pulling circuit
  • The actual crystal oscillator circuit
  • Voltage controller
  • Amplifier buffer

It works on the principle of resonance. A temperature compensation network is used to drive the crystal back to its nominal value by sensing the surrounding temperature. In a voltage control crystal oscillator, the entire oscillator circuit and output stages are precise as one would anticipate. To account for the variations that will happen from temperature fluctuations, the crystal modifies the oscillator’s frequency. It has three terminals: a positive supply terminal (+V), a negative supply terminal (-V), and an output terminal (OUT). It is classified into two types: analogue and digital. A Voltage control oscillator in an analogue oscillator controls the crystal oscillator circuit’s frequency. The VCO is temperature adjusted, which means that its output frequency varies with temperature at a predictable pace. It features several levels of temperature control as well as customer specifications. Its small size makes it ideal for usage on printed circuit boards.

The benefits of using a TCXO:

The components that have the most effect on a customer’s choice due to their benefit are listed below:

  • Where reliable frequency sources are required, they are frequently employed. They provide an excellent alternative for much portable equipment needing a sufficiently accurate source since they are more affordable and more petite than oven-controlled crystal oscillators.
  • It can be used in analogue circuits such as phase-locked loop (PLL) systems, radio receivers, and communication devices. It ensures that the oscillator continues to oscillate even when no input signal is present.
  • It is an oscillator circuit used in radio frequency (RF) circuits. It is also known as a crystal oscillator or quartz oscillator. It can be used in many different applications such as wireless communications, clocks, and watches.
  • It has many applications and is often found in military equipment if you’re looking to build a transmitter or receiver.
  • It has very high stability and accuracy. It is widely used in communication systems, computers, and other electronic devices.
  • They are used in many applications, including temperature control systems, automotive climate controls, aircraft avionics, monitoring system and industrial process control.
  • Mainly these oscillator circuits are used in radio frequency transmitters. It helps stabilize frequency by regulating crystal oscillators.
  • When a level of temperature stability is required that a conventional crystal oscillator cannot provide, they are necessary (voltage-controlled crystal oscillator).
  • It is an essential piece of equipment used by radio stations, TV stations, and mobile phone networks.
  • They are often used in audio amplifiers because they provide a constant output voltage regardless of input signal strength.
  • The power input varies depending on the device. A 3V supply is commonly utilized. It merely uses approximately two mA of electricity.
  • It generates clipped and standard sine wave outputs, which may be utilized in various applications.
  • When compared to other crystal oscillators, its temperature performance is around 10 to 40 times greater. It has a deficient phase noise compared to other crystals.
  • They are utilized in several applications where a steady frequency is essential, including two-way radios, mobile phones, and GPS receivers. It’s a tiny chip that improves the accuracy of your electrical device’s timekeeping over a standard crystal oscillator.
  • They TCXOhave been used in many different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, military, power generation, building automation and healthcare.


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