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The Importance of Frequency Stability for Maintaining Smooth Processes

The Definition of Piezoelectric Crystal

  • piezoelectric crystalis a substance that, in response to mechanical stress, may produce an electrical voltage or, in the opposite case, can deform in the presence of an electrical field. Due to the crystal’s distinctive chemical makeup, this phenomenon—known as the piezoelectric effect—occurs. The crystal develops a net electrical charge on its surface when a mechanical force is applied, shifting its atoms’ positions. The electrical voltage of this charge may be calculated.
  • The use of piezoelectric crystals in sensors, actuators, transducers, and other devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical signals or the opposite is common. They are often employed in sensors of many kinds, such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, and vibration sensors, as well as in medical imaging devices like ultrasound scanners. They are also used in musical instruments like electric pianos and guitars to create sound waves.

How to Use Piezoelectric Crystals to Create Electricity?

  • A rather simple piezoelectric crystal may be used to generate electricity. Metal plates compress the crystal, converting mechanical energy (the indirect piezoelectric effect) into electrical energy. The plates capture the electrical charge produced when the pressure affects the atomic structure. Greater electrical power equates to more pressure.
  • When the balanced crystal, once more positioned between two metal plates, is electrically charged, the inverse piezoelectric action is produced. This effectively squeezes the crystal against itself, changing its structure and causing a sound wave to be released.

What is the function of a piezoelectric crystal?

  • The structure of the material determines its capability for conducting electricity. Piezoelectric crystals have a balanced charge and an atomic asymmetry structure. The structure deforms under mechanical pressure, sending the charges that are positive and negative in opposing directions. This phenomenon is the direct piezoelectric effect.
  • Symmetric crystals are not affected by the pressure this way and are thus not piezoelectric. The opposite of this phenomenon also holds; if electricity from an external source is passed via piezoelectric crystals, the electrical energy will be transformed into sound waves. It is known as the inverse piezoelectric effect, and it is what was utilized to make sonar.

How Might Piezoelectric Crystals Make Our Lives Better?

A certain kind of piezoelectric crystal might change mechanical pressure into electrical voltage and the other way around. They have several uses in various industries, from consumer electronics to medical equipment. The following are some ways that piezoelectric crystals might make our lives better:

  • Ultrasound imaging:

In ultrasound imaging equipment, piezoelectric crystals generate high-frequency sound waves that reverberate off bodily tissues and organs to form pictures. Prenatal imaging, medical condition diagnostics, and industrial testing employ this technology.

  • Gas igniters: 

Gas igniters for stoves and grills employ piezoelectric crystals. By squeezing the piezoelectric crystal, the igniter button generates a spark when it is pressed.

  • Energy capture:

Vibrational mechanical energy, such as that produced by piezoelectric crystals, may be transformed into electrical energy. With the use of this technology, energy may be produced from several sources, including footfall, wind, and ocean waves.

  • Speakers and microphones: 

Piezoelectric crystals turn electrical impulses into mechanical vibrations and vice versa in speakers and microphones. Mobile phones, speakers, and headphones employ this technology.

  • Pressure sensors:

Piezoelectric crystals can be pressure sensors in industrial machinery, automotive systems, and medical equipment. They can sense pressure changes and translate them into electrical impulses.

The Piezoelectric Crystals’ effect on modern technologies:

Modern technology has greatly benefited from piezoelectric crystals in several industries, including healthcare, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and aerospace. These are a few instances:

  • Medical Ultrasound: 

Medical ultrasound equipment frequently employs piezoelectric crystals to create high-frequency sound waves that may penetrate the human body and produce pictures. The crystals employ mechanical vibrations to produce sound waves by converting electrical energy into them. The same crystals detect the sound waves as they return from the body’s tissues and convert the mechanical vibrations into electrical impulses. This technology has transformed diagnostic imaging and treatment.

  • Consumer Electronics:

Piezoelectric crystals are a common consumer electronics component, including buzzers, speakers, and microphones. As they transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, they are perfect for producing sound waves.

  • Telecommunications:

In the telecommunications sector, quartz crystals are subjected to high-frequency oscillations produced by piezoelectric crystals, which stabilize the frequencies of electronic circuits. They also assist in filtering and boosting signals in radio transmitters and receivers.

  • Aerospace: 

The aerospace sector uses piezoelectric crystals to identify and quantify vibrations in aeroplanes and spacecraft. Moreover, they are utilized in sensors and actuators that regulate the motion of mechanical parts like flaps, wings, and other moving parts.

  • Energy Harvesting:

Piezoelectric crystals can also be utilized for energy harvesting, producing electricity from mechanical vibrations. Energy harvesting, a new technique, is being investigated to power tiny electronic equipment, such as sensors and wireless communication systems.

Uses for Piezoelectric Crystals:

The following are some uses for piezoelectric crystals:

  • Electric cigarette lighters are the finest used for piezoelectric crystals.
  • Creating a miniature motor is a typical use for a piezoelectric-crystal energy source.
  • Piezoelectric crystals are included in the shoe sole to produce electrical energy with each stride. This might be used with tools like flashlights and cell phones.
  • The penetration of the enemy is located using a sensor with this technique. There will be a potential for an electrical producing facility if this technology becomes a reality.


Solid materials known as piezoelectric crystal can produce an electric charge in response to the application of mechanical strain. Due to their versatility, piezoelectric crystals have been applied in a wide range of fields, including industrial and medicinal ones. To fulfil the demands of various clients, including innovative equipment manufacturers, unique design manufacturers, and electronic manufacturing facility providers, ChipSun Technologies offers R&D solutions, turnkey solutions, e-commerce, and other value-added services. RoHS, REACH, and other environmental protection laws are all followed by all items.

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