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FC-135 32.768KHZ: A New Frequency for Communication

What is FC-135 32.768KHZ?

  • The FC-135 is a 32.768 kHz crystal unit that has been frequently used. Ideal for applications involving MCU sub-clocks and modules in both consumer and industrial equipment. Up to +105 C for applications requiring a more comprehensive temperature range. For use in clocks and other timekeeping devices, this makes it perfect.
  • Along with crystal units, Epson is a prominent provider of kHz-band crystal units, providing a selection of oscillators with integrated oscillator circuit ICs and real-time clock modules with integrated real-time clock ICs.
  • Any time tracking application can benefit from using the FC-135 32.768KHZ, a highly precise and reliable frequency control device. It’s perfect for usage in battery-powered gadgets thanks to its high performance and low power consumption.
  • Due to its extreme accuracy and stability, the 768KHZoscillator is employed. As with GPS receivers and atomic clocks, it is employed when accurate time is necessary. Due to its extreme accuracy and stability, the 32.768KHZ oscillator is employed.

FC-135 32.768KHZ

The features of the 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator

  • Ultra-compact SMD tuning fork crystal resonator
  • 20 ppm standard.
  • 768 kHz standard.
  • Excellent reliability performance, and maximum 260°C.Reflow soldering temperature.
  • Basics of a Crystal Oscillator.
  • Design considerations for PCBs.
  • Testing Firmware for Crystal Robustness Test.
  • Guide to Crystal Recommendations.

What Advantages Does FC-135 32.768KHZ Offer?

The advantages of this kHz range are as follows, as listed below:

  • Microwaves, computers, and mobile phones are just a few examples of equipment with integrated time measurements that employ frequency control devices with a typical frequency of 32.768 kHz.
  • This frequency stability is the consequence of precise temperature control, which is done at various temperatures during the production process. Because of the manufacturing “trimming,” this 32.768 kHz oscillator also forgives fluctuations in operating voltage. Between 1.5 V and 3.63 V, operational voltage variations do not affect frequency stability. The fact that such little current—only a few µA, is used is equally astounding.
  • They are more user-friendly because of temperature adjustments and, depending on the kind, significantly more accurate than traditional tuning fork crystals.

Why do most microcontrollers use 32.768 (215) KHz as their real-time clock source instead of 16 or 20 kHz?

In the early days of digital electronics, binary counter chains were easy, inexpensive, and low-power to obtain. With this frequency range Hz input, a 15-step ripple counter (the easiest and least costly version) would provide 1.0000 Hz output. Then it might be used to drive a small motor and escapement for a geared analog clock that needs pulses every one second, modulo counters for the seconds and minutes, and modulo counters for hours, as well as modulo 12 or 24 counters for a digital display.

Thankfully, these Hz crystals are easy to use, reasonably priced, and reliable. Since high-frequency clocks impose a proportional power consumption to frequency, a watch or real-time battery-backed circuit would require 600 times more power than a 20 MHz crystal, and the battery would need to be 600 times more substantial to have the same lifespan. Since the real-time click functions even when the computer is off or asleep, low power consumption is favorable.

Why is 32768 Hz the ideal frequency?

Applications of FC-135 32.768KHZ:

The FC-135 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator has the following uses:

  • Frequency generators.
  • They are utilized in specific receiver types.
  • They serve as crystal clocks in microprocessors.
  • Colpitts’ use of the Armstrong Crystal Oscillator in aerospace and the military.
  • Transmitters for TV and radio.
  • Mobile consumer devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and dashboard gadgets like navigation systems typically use crystal oscillators. They are frequently used for sub-clock (sleep & timer) and time applications.
  • Quartz watches, which feature a crystal oscillator that vibrates at 32,768 cycles per second, are the most accurate timepieces. For several reasons, your watch might not be as accurate as you believe. Quartz watches, which feature a crystal oscillator that vibrates at 32,768 cycles per second, are the most accurate timepieces.

Why is 32.768 kHz the ideal frequency?

  • The best frequency is this Hz for several reasons. It is a lovely, even number that is easy to remember. First of all, 215 Hz is precisely equivalent to 32768 Hz. This exemplifies the usefulness of digital audio.
  • 1 kHz, or 215 Hz, is the standard sample rate for digital audio equipment. By using this frequency, you can thus quickly create files that are compatible with various gadgets.
  • Additionally, this Hz may be split up into multiples of 48 kHz and 96 kHz. This implies that audio files are being converted between different file formats.
  • It appears that this frequency range is where our brains respond to music the greatest. However, this Hz range is where our brains are most receptive to music. One study found that exposure to music at this frequency increased brain activity in areas related to emotion and pleasure. The music was less demanding and more soothing to listen to than music at other frequencies.
  • The Schumann Resonance, which has a remarkably specific frequency, is thought to be the planet’s pulse.


The beating heart of time is the FC-135 frequency control crystal (32.768 kHz). It is used to regulate a quartz oscillator’s frequency, which regulates the time base of a digital watch or clock. Other uses for the FC-135 32.768 KHz. Include situations where a precise, reliable time base is necessary. A frequency control tool called the FC-135 provides a steady, accurate output frequency. Additionally, excellent active components, electronic parts, and supplies are available on ChipSun. This 32.768KHZ may be bought for a reasonable price. Enjoy your shopping experience and have a look at our items. You get more while spending less on our website. Visit our website to choose the best product, and you can find high-quality product brands there. Order right away.

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