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Using FC-12M 32.768kHz for Better Timekeeping Accuracy

 What exactly does FC-12 m 32.768kHz mean?

The ultra-compact SMD tuning fork crystals from Epson’s FC-12M 32.768kHz will help meet the growing need for ever more compact electronic gadgets and the further shrinking of mobile items. To attain its very small 2.0 mm x 1.2 mm x 0.6 mm maximum dimensions, the FC-12M uses QMEMS and high-precision mounting methods. This crystal’s footprint is almost half that of its predecessor while maintaining the same performance. Because of its reduced size, increased design freedom, more functionality, and higher integration density, the FC-12M help to develop mobile goods even more.

What Advantages Does 32.768 kHz Offer?

The use of this kHz range has the following advantages:

  • This 32.768 kHz oscillator disregard changes in operational voltage brought on by manufacturing “trimming.” Frequency stability between 1.5 V and 3.63 V is unaffected by variations in operating voltage.
  • Furthermore, just a few A of current is used noteworthy. The ability to alter temperature makes them more user-friendly and exact depending on the kind.
  • Microwaves, computers, and mobile phones are just a few examples of equipment with integrated time measurements that employ frequency control devices with a typical frequency of 32.768 kHz.
  • This frequency stability results from meticulous temperature control throughout the production process at varied temperatures.

FC-12m 32.768kHz

These applications make use of the 32.768 kHz:

  • Colpitts’ use of the Armstrong Crystal Oscillatorin aerospace and the military.
  • It is used in TV and radio transmitters.
  • Mobile consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and dashboard accessories like navigation systems, frequently employ crystal oscillators. They are frequently used for sub-clock (sleep & timer) operations and time applications.
  • Quartz watches, which feature a crystal oscillator that vibrates at 32,768 cycles per second, are the most accurate timepieces. For various reasons, your watch might not be as accurate as you believe it is. Producers of frequency.
  • They are utilized with certain sorts of receivers.
  • The most precise timepieces are quartz watches, which use a crystal oscillator that vibrates at 32,768 cycles per second. For various reasons, your watch might not be as accurate as you believe it is.
  • The most precise timepieces are quartz watches, which use a crystal oscillator that vibrates at 32,768 cycles per second.
  • They serve as crystal clocks in microprocessors.

Who makes crystal oscillators that work at 32.768 kHz? 

  • A renowned innovator in the field, ChipSun creates FC-12 m 32.768kHzusing its core technology and unique advantages. Its goods abide by rules governing environmental protection, including REACH and RoHS. The world’s most cutting-edge manufacturing and testing equipment was housed in two automated production facilities owned by ChipSun Technology.
  • The strong technical force is made up of qualified engineers and technical staff. Our quality and service have gained the patrons’ respect and trust through persistent efforts. ChipSun Technology offers R and D solutions, turnkey solutions, e-commerce, and other value-added services to satisfy the requirements of various clients, including unique apparatus producers, creative proposal producers, and electronic manufacturing service providers.
  • Since its founding, the company has always sought to increase the value of its customers by offering a full range of solutions for various frequency control components, components, and modular design requirements to satisfy all of their needs. ChipSun Technology has consistently surpassed customers’ expectations regarding price, quality, delivery, and other factors.

The 32.768 kHz is a crucial component in electronics, but why?

32.768 kHz significance in electronics The 32.768 kHz often used in electrical devices like clocks, watches, and computers. It is important because it has a precise frequency, which is necessary for maintaining accurate time. It is a low-power, low-frequency oscillator that is used in a number of electronic devices to keep the time. Due to its low power consumption and low cost, it is a suitable substitute for battery-powered devices, and timekeeping applications can profit from its accuracy and dependability.

What makes FC-12 m 32.768 kHz so important?

  • The quartz clock’s frequency divider can only split a signal 15 times until it produces a 1Hz second signal, and the second-hand moves every second. This oscillating signal is produced at 768 kHz by a tuning fork crystal. If you replace it with a crystal oscillator of a different frequency, the signal won’t be a 1Hz per the second signal after 15 times of frequency division, and the clock won’t work correctly.
  • 768K=32768=2 Raised to the 15th power, data conversion becomes more accurate and efficient. Every day, we use watches, laptops, and mobile devices, all of which have working clocks.
  • Real-time clocks employ the crystal oscillator, also known as the watch crystal, tuning fork crystal, or crystal oscillator, which has a frequency of 32.768 kHz. The FC- 12 m 32.768 kHzis well known for being a very frequent frequency component. Its main responsibility is to create the reference signal for the sequential circuit, which has a one-second timing precision.

Improved Timekeeping Accuracy with FC-12M 32.768kHz:

  • A high-precision quartz crystal oscillator for precise timekeeping is the FC-12M 32.768kHz. It features 30-ppm frequency stability and 5-ppm annual long-term ageing. For applications requiring precise timing and frequency stability, crystal oscillators provide a variety of advantages. The benefits of employing 32.768 kHz crystal oscillators for timekeeping, frequency stability, and performance are covered in this article.
  • A crystal oscillator called the 32.768 kHz that was created especially for timekeeping purposes has several significant advantages over conventional oscillators.


With the advancement of technology, the accuracy of timekeeping devices has significantly increased. Additionally, ChipSun provides top-notch electrical, active, and supply components. This FC-12 m 32.768 kHz is offered for sale at a reasonable cost. Enjoy your time exploring and taking a look at our offerings. As we continue to work on extending our product range, we encourage you to often check our website so you may keep informed of our most recent developments. Our technical support team will provide you with more thorough answers to your questions and help you quickly resolve problems. More is available on our website for less money.

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