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The most accurate timekeeper is Epson quartz crystal

What is meant by quartz crystal?

  • It is a specific kind of piezoelectric crystal that is used in watches and other timepieces. Quartz, a naturally occurring manmade piezoelectric substance, is used in its construction. Every timepiece’s heart is its movement. It is a very small piece of quartz that oscillates at a specific frequency and is used in watches and clocks to keep the time.
  • These crystals are extremely precise and stable.Epson Quartz Crystal is one of the most popular types of quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are used in many electronic devices such as watches, clocks, calculators, computers, radios, televisions, mobile phones, etc.

History of quartz crystal:

The word crystal and quartz are believed to have originated from the Greek word “krystallos,” which signifies ice. It was thought that it was perpetual ice sent by the celestial gods. Many academics believed this stone was petrified ice until the late 1500s. In reality, quartz crystal is a mineral made of silicon and oxygen, making it one of the most prevalent minerals in the planet’s continental crust. It is also referred to as clear quartz, universal crystal, rock crystal, and crystal quartz.

Epson’s latest quartz crystal product line consists of three series of quartz crystals, which is designed as follows:

  • High precision for digital cameras, portable electronic devices, and other applications requiring high accuracy and stability;
  • Quartz oscillators for scientific research and industrial measurement instruments; and
  • Quartz crystals for clocks and watches.

Epson Quartz Crystal

Frequency of quartz crystal:

  • The frequency of quartz crystal is quite high, and it is also highly stable. It is utilized to establish electrical potentialbetween two conductors to produce an electrical current. Quartz crystals are widely used in electronic circuits because they generate stable and precise frequencies over a wide range of temperatures. It is made from solid blocks of natural quartz material and is commonly used in electronic circuits as they provide accurate timing characteristics.
  • The crystal may produce this voltage thanks to the piezoelectric effect. Epson quartz crystalis the ideal option for every application requiring precise and reliable time-keeping. Compared to alternative time-keeping options, this crystal oscillator has numerous advantages, including its compact size, low power requirement, and great stability.

Attributes of quartz crystal:

The quartz crystal properties include frequency stability, temperature stability, low phase noise, and low power consumption. They are also used in medical devices because they can maintain their characteristics even when exposed to extreme heat or other harsh conditions. Quartz crystals are valuable because of several important qualities they have:

  • Crystal shape:

Quartz crystals come in various forms, with natural and manmade crystals having a hexagonal cross-section and six-sided pyramid ends. The X, Y, and Z axes are the directions found inside the crystals, and they are extremely significant for producing resonators. The X-axis, which corresponds to the direction of highest electrical sensitivity, is located between the ends of the crystal along the Z axis, which runs longitudinally between them via the center. An opposing face is joined via the Y axis. Three X and Y axes are present since the crystal has six sides.

  • Quartz can be left- or right-handed:

This property is known as enantiomorphism. It then, therefore, as in both left- and right-handed versions. Although other characteristics are the same between the two models, this variation is seen in the optical rotation. The majority of quartz crystals used to make resonators are right-handed.

  • Quartz is anisotropic:

It means that many of its characteristics depend on the orientation of the crystal’s lattice as well as the orientation of the quartz bar. The piezoelectric effect is one of the significant factors that are sensitive to its exposure when it comes to its employment in quartz crystal resonators. As a result, many of the features of the individual quartz crystal blanks depend on the direction in which they are sliced. Electrical impulses rely on the direction of the cut.

  • Melting point:

The melting point of quartz is greater than 1700°C.

  • Alpha and beta quartz at the Curie temperature: 

Quartz has a Curie temperature of 573 °C. The shape leaves and develops its piezoelectric capabilities below this temperature. Most of its piezoelectric capabilities are lost beyond 573 °C, known as beta quartz.

How does Epson quartz crystal work?

  • Epson Quartz Crystalis an electronic device that filters out unwanted frequencies from radio waves or controls the frequency of oscillation of quartz crystals. It is used for generating high-frequency signals and stabilizing power supplies. It helps in keeping time by providing accurate frequency reference. It works by using a piezoelectric effect. It is also known as a piezoelectric transducer or simply a quartz crystal. This sensor works by detecting light waves and converting them into electrical signals.
  • It has connected vibrations very accurately for high-quality audio output. The sensor has an extremely precise range of detection and can detect even low-level sounds. Epson has been around since 1884 as a manufacturer of precision quartz crystals used in watches and clocks. Quartz crystals have many applications, including radio frequency communications, military uses, satellite positioning systems, and high-end audio and medical instruments.


Epson Quartz Crystal oscillates in electronic devices such as watches, clocks, calculators, radios, computers, televisions, etc. It is also known as Piezoelectric Ceramic Oscillator or PZT. With its superior performance, it can stand high temperatures and vibrations. ChipSun looks forward to working together to help provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. As we continue to work on further developments of our product line, we invite you to visit our website regularly to stay abreast of our latest news. Our technical support team will respond more to your questions and help you solve problems quickly. We hope to see you again soon!

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