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Why you should use EPSON FC-135 crystal?

What exactly is EPSON FC-135 crystal?

Because it is incredibly accurate and has a very stable frequency, the EPSON FC-135 crystal is wonderful for your watch. It also has a long lifetime and is highly resistant to temperature changes. It can withstand temperature variations and is an excellent choice for various applications. Because of its exceptional quality and performance, Epson crystal is the finest option for your office. Additionally, it is incredibly adaptable and helpful for many office tasks. The price of EPSON crystal is also relatively low, making it an excellent buy.

How to use EPSON FC-135?

Frequency control, signal amplification, and signal synthesis are just a few of the applications for which the EPSON FC-135 crystal is suitable. It is an excellent, reasonably priced, and widely accessible semiconductor that can be used for several optoelectronic applications. Offering a precise frequency reference aids in keeping time. It utilizes the piezoelectric effect to function. It is sometimes referred to as a quartz crystal or a piezoelectric transducer. Light waves must be detected and converted into electrical signals for this sensor to function.

It contains authentic vibration connections for high-quality audio output. The sensor can pick up faint sounds and has an incredibly narrow detection range. Epson has been producing precise quartz crystals for watches and clocks since 1884. Radiofrequency communications, military applications, satellite positioning systems, high-end audio equipment, and medical devices are just a few of the various uses for quartz crystals.

What Benefits Does the EPSON FC-135 crystal provide?

EPSON FC-135 crystal

The following is a list of the benefits of this crystal are:

  • A few examples of technologies having integrated time measurements include microwaves, computers, and cell phones. These devices use frequency control devices with a typical frequency of 32.768 kHz.
  • Precision temperature management, which is carried out at varying temperatures throughout the production process, is the cause of this frequency stability.
  • This crystal oscillator forgives changes in operating voltage due to the manufacturing “trimming.” Operational voltage changes have no impact on frequency stability between 1.5 V and 3.63 V. It is similarly excellent that such a small amount of current—only a few Aµ is consumed.
  • Due to temperature modifications, they are more user-friendly and, depending on the type, much more accurate than traditional crystals.

FC-135 applications include:

Uses for the FC-135 crystal include:

  • Frequency producers.
  • They are used with particular receiver types.
  • They function in microprocessors as crystal clocks.
  • Colpitts’ application of the Armstrong Crystal Oscillator in the armed forces and aerospace.
  • Radio and TV transmitters.
  • Crystal oscillators are commonly used in portable consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and dashboard gadgets like navigation systems.
  • They are widely used for time applications and sub-clock (sleep & timer) functions.
  • The most precise timepieces are quartz watches, which use a crystal oscillator that vibrates. For various reasons, your watch might not be as accurate as you think it is.

What are the significances of EPSON FC-135crystal?

  • It is a crystal unit with a long history of using the FC-135. Perfect for use with MCU sub-clocks and modules in consumer and industrial electronics. For applications needing a wider range of temperatures, up to +105 C. This makes it ideal for incorporation into clocks and other time-keeping devices.
  • Furthermore, to crystal units, Epson is a well-known supplier of kHz-band crystal units, offering a variety of oscillators with integrated oscillator circuit ICs and real-time clock modules with integrated real-time clock ICs.
  • Any time tracking application can gain from employing the FC-135, a highly accurate and dependable frequency control device. Due to its excellent performance and low power consumption, it is ideal for battery-powered devices.
  • This crystal is used because of its incredibly high precision and stability. It is used when precise time is required, just like GPS and atomic clocks. This crystal oscillator is used because of its incredibly high precision and stability.
  • The FC-135 frequency control crystal is what keeps time beating. The frequency of a quartz oscillator, which controls the time base of a digital watch or clock, is controlled by it. Include circumstances that need an accurate, trustworthy time base. A consistent, precise output frequency is offered by a frequency control device known as the FC-135.

Frequency of EPSON crystal:

  • Epson crystal’s frequency is pretty high, and it is also incredibly stable. Quartz crystal’s frequency is relatively low. To create an electrical current, it is used to create an electrical potential between two conductors.
  • Due to their ability to create precise and steady frequencies over a wide temperature range, Epson crystals are commonly employed in electrical circuits. Due to their exact timing properties, it is frequently employed in electrical circuits and is produced from solid blocks of natural quartz crystal.
  • Piezoelectricity may enable the crystal to generate this voltage. For every application demanding precise and dependable time-keeping, Epson quartz crystal is the best choice.
  • This crystal oscillator provides many advantages over other time-keeping choices, including its small size, low power usage, and high stability.


EPSON FC-135 crystal operates at a precise frequency and is utilized in numerous watch models. It has a high level of accuracy and steadiness. The EPSON-135 is a fantastic alternative if you are searching for a high-quality, reliable, and accurate watch crystal. On ChipSun, you may also find top-notch active components, electrical components, and supplies. For a fair price, one can get this gem. Please take a peek at our products and enjoy your purchasing experience. We are eager to collaborate to offer our consumers the best products and services possible. We invite you to routinely check our website so you may stay up to date on our most recent news as we continue to work on expanding our product line. Our technical support staff will address your inquiries more fully and assist you in finding rapid solutions to issues. Our website offers more for less money. You can find high-quality product brands on our website, so visit there to make your selection. We anticipate seeing you soon and placing an order now.

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