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Everything You Need to Know About DSB211SDN

What is DSB211SDN?

  • The term “Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator” (TCXO) refers to a particular model of TCXO made by the manufacturer EPSON under the unique name. A TCXO is an electronic device that produces an electrical signal with an extremely accurate frequency using a crystal oscillator. Temperature fluctuations impact the crystal oscillator’s frequency, which can alter the frequency of the output signal.
  • A TCXO is made to account for these temperature-related frequency fluctuations, producing an output signal that is more precise and stable. A TCXO with a frequency of 12.288 to 52MHz and temperature constancy of +/-0.5 ppm throughout a temperature variety of -40°C to +85°C is known as the It is frequently employed in systems like GPS receivers, cellular networks, and other communication systems that need accurate time or frequency reference signals.

Applications of the DSB211SDN in electronic systems:

It may be applied to various electrical systems that call for a steady and precise frequency reference signal. These include consumer electronics, cellular networks, test and measurement tools, communication systems, industrial control systems, and GPS receivers. Various electrical systems that need a steady and precise frequency reference signal can employ these TCXOs. Here are a few examples of applications:

  • GPS receivers:

GPS receivers require TCXOs to ensure exact time and frequency synchronization between the satellites and the receiver, which is crucial for precise position tracking.


  • Cellular networks: 

To synchronize the timing and frequency of signals delivered between the base station and the mobile devices in cellular networks, TCXOs are employed. By doing so, interference is reduced, and communication is trusted.

  • Communication systems:

TCXOs are employed in various communication systems, such as satellite communication, military radios, and aviation systems, to maintain precise frequency and temporal synchronization.

  • Test and measurement tools: 

TCXOs are used in test and measurement tools like spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes to offer a consistent and precise frequency reference for signal analysis and processing.

  • Industrial control systems: 

To maintain production quality and efficiency, TCXOs are employed in industrial control systems to synchronize the time of processes and sensors.

  • Consumer electronics:

TCXOs are utilized in various consumer electronics products, such as digital cameras, to assure precise timing and frequency for internal clocks and communication interfaces.

Why do DSB211SDN play a crucial role in electrical systems?

These TCXOs and other items of the same nature are significant in electronic systems because they offer a precise and steady frequency reference signal, which is essential for many electronic devices and systems. A steady and accurate frequency reference is crucial for correct data transmission, signal processing, and component synchronization in electronic systems that depend on exact time, such as GPS receivers, cellular networks, and other communication systems. These systems might need to be fixed, resulting in mistakes, data loss, and other problems without a trustworthy frequency reference. The DSB211SDN is one of many temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) made to account for temperature-induced frequency changes that can harm crystal oscillators. A temperature compensation circuit allows the TCXO to maintain a consistent frequency output throughout a broad temperature range for electronic systems that could be subjected to a range of temperature conditions. A consistent and precise frequency reference signal, like the one provided by TCXOs like the DSB211SDN, is crucial for properly operating many different kinds of electronic systems and devices.

What are the performance, price, and other characteristics of the DSB211SDN compared to those of comparable TCXOs?

It can offer more precise timing information in navigation and other crucial applications. It can offer greater signal quality in communication networks if the phase noise is eliminated. Lowering power consumption allows batteries to last longer and be used in low-power applications. It may be utilized in smaller systems or devices if the size is lowered. Compared to other TCXOs, the DSB211SDN TCXO performs and costs differently depending on the needs of the particular application and the features and specifications of the rival devices. Here are some broad analogies, though:

  • Performance: 

The DSB211SDN has a respectable temperature constancy of +/-0.5 ppm across the -40°C to +85°C. However, alternative TCXOs may have greater or poorer stability over various temperature ranges depending on their design and specs.

  • Cost: 

Depending on the provider, the quantity requested, and other elements, the DSB211SDN’s price varies. Because of their additional complexity and temperature adjustment circuitry, TCXOs are often more costly than regular crystal oscillators. It is reasonably priced compared to other TCXOs with comparable performance and functionality.

  • Power Usage: 

At 3.5 V, this product uses just 0.8 mA (typically) of power. This is comparatively modest compared to certain other TCXOs, which may have higher power consumption depending on their specs.

  • Size:

At 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.8 mm, the DSB211SDN is a compact surface-mount device. It may therefore be used in electrical systems with little area. Nevertheless, alternative TCXOs could be offered in various sizes and form factors according to the application needs.

  • Other Factors: 

Other aspects, when contrasting the dsb211sdn to other TCXOs, additional elements like the ageing rate, frequency stability under shock or vibration, frequency pulling range, and output waveform characteristics may be significant. Depending on the particular TCXO model and its intended application, these elements may change.


Modern electronic equipment and applications employ the sophisticated temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) DSB211SDN. It has extremely low power consumption, little jitter, and stability throughout a broad temperature range. It is a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that is extremely dependable, low-power, and created to offer the highest frequency accuracy and stability level. It is perfect for GPS receivers, base station timing, and wireless communications. ChipSun products are extensively utilized in many industries. Our products undergo rigorous quality inspections, and we closely manage the quality. We always uphold the highest standards of quality. Reliability test, IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, and QA, as well as 24-hour customer service

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