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Why is 32768 Hz the perfect frequency?

What is meant by Hertz?

Hertz is an international standard unit of frequency used by scientists and engineers worldwide. It is named after Heinrich Hertz, who discovered radio waves in 1887. Hertz (Hz) is one of the standard units for measuring frequency. A repeated event’s frequency, or Hz, is its frequency per unit of time. Hertz, cycles per minute and cycles per second are other names for it.

What is meant by 32768 Hz?

  • 32768 Hzis an extremely high frequency that we hear as a humming sound. It is also known as the “sound barrier”. It is the highest frequency that humans can perceive. A positive number equal to (215 = 224 – 1) is 32,768. Being the absolute value of the highest possible negative value for a 16-bit signed integer that covers the following range makes it noteworthy in the field of computer science.
  • When we hear the sound, our ears detect changes in air pressure. These changes in air pressure create waves in the cochlea, which then travel up through the auditory nerve to the brain. At some point along the way, these sound waves are converted into electrical impulses. After being processed by the brain, we recognize them as sounds.

Why is the optimum frequency 32768 Hz?

  • Several factors make this Hz the ideal frequency. For starters, it’s a pleasant, even number that is simple to recall. First off, 215 Hz equals exactly 32768 Hz.This demonstrates how practical it is for digital audio.
  • The majority of digital audio equipment operates at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz or precisely 215 Hz. Therefore, you may easily make files that are compatible with these devices by utilizing this frequency.
  • Second, this Hz may be divided into multiples of 48 kHz and 96 kHz. This indicates that converting audio files from one format to another.
  • It appears that the frequency at which our brains are most responsive to music at this frequency range.But it appears that the frequency at which our brains are most susceptible to music is this range of Hz. According to one research, listening to music at this frequency made people’s brains more active in the regions connected to emotion and pleasure. In comparison to music at other frequencies, the music was determined to be less taxing and more calming to listen to.
  • It is a highly unique frequency and is known as the Schumann Resonance and is regarded as the planet’s pulse. According to reports, this frequency is exceptionally therapeutic and may be utilized to assist the earth in recovering from the harm that has been done to it. An electromagnetic field that naturally surrounds the earth is known as the Schumann resonance. This field is reported to have a frequency of 32768 Hzand to be in tune with the planet’s heartbeat.

Why do the majority of microcontrollers choose 32768 (215) Hz over other frequencies like 16 MHz or 20 kHz as their real-time clock source? 

  • Because binary counter chains were simple, affordable, and low power to obtain in the early days of digital electronics, with this frequency range Hz input, a 15-step ripple counter (the most straightforward and least expensive type) would provide 1.0000 Hz of output. It might then be used to operate a tiny motor and escapement for a geared analogue clock that requires 1-second pulses, modulo 60 seconds counters, modulo 60 minutes counters, and modulo 12 or 24 counters for a digital display.
  • Thankfully, These Hz crystals are simple, affordable, and stable. A watch or real-time battery-backed circuit would need 600 times more power than a 20 MHz crystal, and the battery would need to be 600 times more significant to have an identical lifespan since high-frequency clocks impose a proportional power consumption to frequency. Low power is advantageous since the real-time click continues to operate even when the computer is off or asleep.

What are the Benefits of Oscillators at 32768 Hz?

There are following benefits of this range of Hz are as follows in given below:

  • Nearly all applications with integrated time measurement, such as laptops, mobile phones, or microwaves, use frequency control devices with a typical frequency of 32768 Hz.Precise temperature adjustment, carried out at various temperatures during the production process, results in this frequency stability. This 32.768 kHz oscillator is also highly tolerant to variations in operating voltage thanks to the factory “trimming.” Variations in operating voltage have no impact on frequency stability between 1.5 V and 3.63 V. It is also amazing how little current, only a few µA, is consumed.
  • Due to temperature correction, they are more user-friendly and, depending on the type, significantly more accurate than traditional tuning fork crystals.


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