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Why is a 16MHz crystal required?

What is meant by a 16MHz crystal?

The automated significance of vibrant piezoelectric quartz is used by the Quartz Oscillator, an electrical oscillator route, to produce an electrical indication with an exact frequency. Additionally, it features automated amplitude control and very little temperature-related frequency drift. The only applications for crystal oscillators are high-frequency ones. This frequency is frequently employed for frequency stabilization in radio transmitters and receivers and for timekeeping, providing a reliable clock signal for digital integrated circuits.

Features of 16MHz crystal:

  • Outstanding Reliability and Performance
  • The grounded lid makes EMI shielding feasible.
  • The maximum reflow soldering temperature is 260°C.
  • Package for Ceramic Seam Weld

Characteristic of 16MHz crystal:

  • A crystal is an electronic oscillator that employs mechanical resonance to generate a frequency-specific electrical signal from vibrant quartz made of piezoelectric substantial.
  • This frequency is frequently used to regulate the rate of recurrence for transistor spreaders and receivers and to give a reliable clock indication for numerical combined routes and wristwatches made of quartz.
  • These oscillator routes are known as quartz oscillators because they are the most prevalent forms of piezoelectric resonators utilized in quartz crystals. However, equivalent circuits also employ polycrystalline ceramics and other piezoelectric materials.
  • When voltage is applied to an electrode near or on a crystal, an electric field distorts the crystal, especially one formed of quartz crystal. Inverse piezoelectricity or electrostatics are two terms for this characteristic.
  • The advantages of a 16MHz crystal oscillator over a lower frequency crystal are better stability, less power usage, and better performance. A crystal could be the solution if you want your electrical gadgets to be more stable, use less power, and perform better.
  • In comparison to a crystal oscillator with a lower frequency. This is due to the fact that a crystal has a lower frequency than a lower frequency crystal and is thus less susceptible to interference from the outside world. This implies that signal loss or other interference-related issues will be less likely to affect your devices. The decreased power consumption of a 16MHz crystal oscillator is another advantage.

Why is a 16MHz crystal required?

Much electrical equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, and televisions, employ crystals. They assist in maintaining the device’s steady speed and may also aid in enhancing the signal quality. Some radio-controlled gadgets, including remote-controlled automobiles and drones, also employ 16MHz. This is due to the fact that they maintain the device’s signal’s consistency and stability, which might aid in raising the signal’s quality.

The benefits of 16MHz crystal:

The beneficial aspect of these crystal which are discussed in given below:

  1. Increased accuracy:

These crystals are used in many different devices, including cell phones, GPS systems, and more. A crystal oscillator is an essential component in many electronic devices. The higher the frequency, the more power the crystal produces. A good quality crystal oscillation will give you more accurate readings on your multimeter. It maintains accurate timekeeping by using precise frequency output. A crystal oscillator is used on many computers, television sets, audio systems and even cell phones.

  1. Increased stability:
  • A crystal oscillator is used in many applications such as clocks, radios, computers, and other electronic devices. Once you have selected the proper crystal oscillator, you can proceed to build your circuit. It has higher accuracy and stability, and increased frequency allows more accurate timing, which is helpful in many applications. For example, a clock uses a high-frequency crystal oscillator to keep time accurately. The 16MHz crystal oscillator is also known as a quartz crystal oscillator.
  • The primary purpose of a crystal oscillator is to generate a precise frequency signal. This is done by vibrating at a specific rate so that an electrical current flows through the circuit. An oscillator consists of a resonant circuit and a feedback loop. In this case, the resonant circuit is the coil and capacitor combination, and the crystal provides the feedback loop.
    1. Reduced power consumption:
  • In order to reduce power consumption, we must first understand what power consumption is. Power consumption is the amount of energy required to perform a specific task or function. A crystal oscillator is used to generate the clock signal for the microcontroller. It generates an accurate clock signal by counting pulses from an external source. It is used as a reference clock in microprocessors, digital communication systems, and other electronic circuits.
  • When the oscillation frequency of a crystal oscillator changes due to temperature or ageing, it causes errors in the operation of the circuit. To reduce these errors, we must change the oscillation frequency of the crystal oscillator using a variable resistance network.
    1. Higher speed:
  • 16 MHz crystal oscillator has a highly stable frequency compared to other types of crystals. Its accuracy is ten times better than an ordinary 1 MHz crystal oscillator, making it perfect for building clocks or other high-precision devices. It keeps time by counting the cycles of a clock signal.
  • A crystal oscillator circuit is used to generate stable signals with a high frequency. It consists of a quartz crystal and a resonant tank circuit. Crystal oscillators are often used in microcontrollers as they provide highly accurate timing.


16MHz crystal oscillator is an essential component in most electronic circuits. It generates a reference frequency for other components on the board. It is a high-frequency crystal oscillator or clock generator. It is an accurate time source in many applications such as radio transmitters and receivers, computers, and other electronic devices. We are offering the best prices on these products. ChipSun is the best platform to provide these electronic devices. We are committed to providing excellent services to our customers and have established strong business relationships with a wide range of domestic and international clients. Several awards have been bestowed on our products. Purchase and order right now.

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