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What do you need to know about 14.7456MHz crystal?

What exactly is a 14.7456 MHz crystal?

The 14.7456 MHz crystal is widely used in various electronic applications, particularly for exact timing and frequency precision. It is employed in oscillators, filters, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), and quartz crystal microbalances (QCM). The frequency range for this crystal is between 14.7456 and 14. They are utilized in devices like digital audio players, microcontrollers, and others with stringent performance requirements. When it comes to precision timing, these crystals are highly dependable and accurate parts utilized in electronics. Because of their affordability, portability, and precise timing capabilities, they are rapidly setting the bar for the sector.

Is 14.7456 Hz crystal ideal for the project?

  • It is crucial to comprehend the utilization of this particular frequency and how it impacts the precision of electrical equipment. One of the oscillators most frequently utilized in electrical circuits is this crystal. It is a fantastic option for various tasks due to its frequency, precision, and stability.
  • The 7456 Hz crystalis a fantastic option for choosing the ideal crystal for your electronics project. It is an adjustable frequency frequently used in radio receivers, microcontrollers, and digital circuits.
  • Additionally, it is inexpensive, which makes it a desirable choice for engineers and enthusiasts. Quartz crystals with a frequency of 14.7456 MHz are frequently employed in electronic circuits for timing, frequency control, and transmission of very accurate signals.
  • Understanding the link between temperature and crystal frequency is crucial for precise frequency control since the frequency of a quartz crystal is highly influenced by temperature.
  • Due to the crystal’s inexpensive cost, favourable temperature properties, and broad frequency range, it was chosen for the test. Due to its reasonable cost and superb precision, this crystal is a smart option for many electrical applications.
  • It gives the user various advantages, such as increased electromagnetic compatibility, decreased power consumption, and greater timing precision.
  • The crystal can also serve as a dependable frequency source while assisting in reducing noise and interference.

14.7456 MHz crystal

Who is the most crucial producer of 14.7456 MHz crystals?

  • The top producer of 7456 MHz crystalis ChipSun. The most advanced manufacturing and testing tools were installed in two automated production facilities run by ChipSun Technology Co., Ltd. A technical team and qualified engineers form a strong technical force. The caliber of the supplies is crucial.
  • Make sure the oscillator you are contemplating is constructed from robust, high-quality materials. The manufacturing process is the following phase. Make sure a recognized business manufactures the oscillator. The leading producer of this cheap crystal is ChipSun.
  • Our consumers have come to appreciate and trust our quality and service through steadfast efforts. Original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, and providers of electronic manufacturing services are just a few of the clients that ChipSun Technology serves. It also offers turnkey solutions, e-commerce, and other value-added services.

Consider the following things before buying a 14.7456 MHz crystal:

Before making a final purchase, you should have a basic knowledge of this crystal for electronic devices. Before buying, most of us will skim the information fast, and occasionally we’ll even read customer reviews—one aspect of the product’s quality that we should all bear in mind. The most irritating experience may have been discovering that something doesn’t live up to their standards or the expectations they had before purchasing it. Before making a purchase, consider a few factors that could affect your decision.

  • Price of the Good:

 For each buyer, the product’s price is one of the most important considerations. Your choice to buy an oscillator for a device and its features and specifications may be influenced by its price. For instance, if you want a high-performance and highly reliable oscillator package but want to avoid paying a lot of money, you may go for a less costly one that is deficient in all the features. If your budget allows it, you could buy something more expensive with better performance and features.

  • Results of the Product: 

Before determining how much money you want to spend on a 14.7456 MHz crystal, consider its function and performance. If you need anything that accomplishes its work well, it will determine if it is worthwhile to buy. You need to be able to find a product that accurately completes the task you need it to. If not, you will have wasted your money on a thing you can’t use for what it was designed to do. This is why it’s essential to consider an item’s functionality since doing so will help you determine if it’s worthwhile to spend on it.

  • Durability: 

This crystal’s durability is also essential. If you want an oscillator that will be comfortable and last for years, you need to consider its durability. It is common for a high-quality oscillator for electrical equipment to cost more than a low-quality one, but it will be far more pleasant to use and last much longer. You must spend money on a high-quality item if you want anything that will last you for a long time.

  • Value of the Product: 

We don’t consider cost when assessing an item’s performance for our ratings. We don’t consider price since we want the best products to receive high ratings regardless of their price. We provide value awards to the products that offer the best price/performance ratio, even though we understand that pricing counts when making purchases.


A quartz crystal called a 14.7456 MHz crystal is used in electrical systems as an accurate frequency reference. It is utilized in various devices, including clocks, radio transmitters, and microcontrollers. It offers benefits, including increased precision, stability, and reduced power usage. Since its inception, the business has worked to make its customers more valuable by providing various solutions for varied frequency control components, components and requirements for a modular design that satisfies all clients’ demands. In terms of, among other things, pricing, quality, delivery, and service, ChipSun Technology has succeeded in achieving this objective. By providing a wide variety of explanations for diverse frequency control mechanisms, components, and modular design necessities to change all of their demands, the firm has always tried to maximize the value of its clients.

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