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5G was coming

The 5th generation mobile networks, also known as 5G.  It has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. Internet speed is as fast as one second to download a high-definition movie. No longer need to wait for buffering when surfing the Internet. Although 4G has changed the way people live and travel, making our lives more convenient, but with the development of mobile communication technology. 5G, the new age of 5G communication will overturn our lives and open a new chapter of the Internet once again. At present, China’s 5G commercial use has started, and communication service providers have also successively launched their own service plans. Many lucky people have enjoyed 5G’s ultra-fast network already.
With the developing of 5G, smart wearables, AI robots, VR devices, autonomous driving, intelligent medical care devices, and voice communication will be further integrated into our lives.  

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